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The Very Fast 'Pizza'...

(ready in 20 minutes - and it may even be healthy...)

You need:
  • tortillas (2 midsized per person) - those with spicy dough are best, but all will do...
  • One topped spoonful of Italian pesto (per tortilla) - red, green or any other will do
  • Max. one half onion (per totilla)
  • Approx. 50g of cheese (per tortilla)
  • Salt, peber, oregano, basil, chili, your choice
  • Garniture (and this is the easy part!) - anything! Select something from last nights dinner, limit the number of choices, and don't overfill! For example add one (and max two!) of the following ingredients:
    one sliced tomato (per totilla)
    one quarter peberfruit (per totilla)
    three/four small anchoves (per totilla)
    four spicy Spanish sousage slices (per totilla)
    two spoonful of frozen, organic maize (per totilla)
    four/five champignons (per totilla)
You do:
  • Start the oven (heating of the oven may be the rate limiting step!) - warm up to 200C
  • Place two tortillas on an oiled heating plate (only one teaspoonful oil needed)
  • Add pesto
  • Add onion and spices
  • Add garniture
  • Add cheese
  • Bake tortillas for max 10 minutes
You then have:
  • A wonderful, easy made 'pizza'!
  • The only remaining issue: Your guests want the recipe!